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New Age Telecom Tools for Seamless Communication

New Age Telecom Tools for Seamless Communication

Unified telecommunication solutions is the merger of new business allies and the facilitator of on-demand rich interactive unified communications by the virtual merger of audio, web and video conference technology. The in-roads into the future of corporate profiling and small medium business based products and consultancy services has a new meaning of integrity by integrating … Continue reading


Pallab Kakoty

Pallab Kakoty

Redefine business goals with content production & delivery strategy to align far reaching objectives.

Patronage for digital marketing is passion blended in colours of everyday strokes. Marketing itself is complex guerilla warfare in confusing modern landscapes. Architectures poised to intimidate structure competition where communication.

Pallab - #GrowthHack Online Marketing

Analysing user experience behaviours to target events that relay engagements via emotive content strategy for brands, businesses & websites. #Pallab via #hshdsh also #hash_dash

me@hshdsh.com - www.hshdsh.com - www.pallab.co.nr


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