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Report 1: “A Day without Web Conference”

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For greater perspectives over definitive judgments arguments are drawn into accomplice role for small and medium enterprise revered here as SME with inquisitions par plot “a day without web conference”.

Based on a survey to ascertain web conferencing trends in small medium enterprises conducted by an independent marketing research report from Wainhouse Research, the survey respondents were interestingly offered the situation to perceive a regular at office without the embrace of web conference technology as an experiment to comprehend results of much larger magnitude consonant to – a day at office.

Most respondents asserted to have the immediate hustle-bustle switched on into their quiet web conference based everyday work life for remote conversations of economic value for the business they represent, the business itself a pristine devotee to the science of web conference technology.

Immediate increased assertive motion in the compliance of expenses and the loss of productivity affecting efficiency driven remote arrangements of corporate data, subject discussions, strategy development consultancy from remote experts and more powerful brilliance of human genius!

The broadcast for web conference usage and the study as a lesson in the curriculum of a subject drawn into the fusion of the noble organizational department for training and support, the merger of web conference science in simple preservative language is the enabler of remote sharing and remote unified collaboration.

Alarming concerns in the disapproval of business economics and product dynamics with the latency of limited market reach with the dispersal for remote web conference transmission of geographically dispersed customer market resulting ultimate loss of revenue as another magnanimous statute.

The pensive thought of the moment is the acknowledgment in the humble agreement indicating clear loss of business without the technology of web conference.

The global presence factor for sales professionals, marketing, and presentations would be negated in the acutance of web conferencing factors that is also the “sales lifeline.”

“I live and breathe web conferencing. This is how I function as an account manager without this there would be no flexibility” quotes another random survey respondent for the survey report to ascertain market trends in the feasibility of web conferencing communication & collaboration channels.

Many SME professionals when asked the aspects of their everyday job roles without web conference technology, many have laughingly voiced consonance like –

“God, guess I will just lose my job”

“I don’t want to think about what would happen – it is that important”

“I couldn’t do my job”

“It would kill us”

“We could not go back.”

“Our business would probably not exist anymore”

“We could not do business”

“We could not operate”

“I’d lose my job”

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