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Web Conference Reports

Report 3: Evaluate Web Conference Usage Statistics by SME (s)

To ascertain the key factors in the consideration of web conferencing solutions by any organization ranging from a larger enterprise to a SME, the survey respondents were asked to affirm the importance of the same indicating top priorities like ease of use, stronger screen performance.

While cost factors were the leading assertions in the collation of web conferencing features followed by other feature highlights of reliability, support & security. The major comprehensive assertive factors in the roll out of web conferencing are overall ease of use, enhanced interactive screen visuals while conversing with remote participants in real time and the ability to book and conduct an online web meeting or a web conference session.

Why Consider Using Web Conferencing

Why SME Professionals Consider Using Web Conferencing

Some of the most important web conferencing features that stands out and rated important has been the factors that we have collated with the ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com series are based on computing and evaluating the usage statistics of web conferencing solutions by large enterprises and SME.

However, there were other additional factors articulated with the comprehension of web conferencing technology for business listed in the survey questionnaire that fell below the “2.0” bar. These additional factors range from security (SSL encryption, etc), information sharing features, remote control of attendee’s PC, ability to pass meeting control, starting an ad hoc meeting, screen performance / speed, ease of booking and starting and overall ease of use for an SME or any other business entity.

The survey respondents were furthermore asked about the various factors coherent & important in the consideration of web conferencing technology needs affirms ease of operation, transparency in download & installation factors that again falls under the facet of ease of usability, reliability, support and flat monthly pricing as the topmost primaries in the resolve to avail web conferencing solutions by SME.

Web Conferencing User Factors

Web Conferencing User Factors 4 SME Pros

The priorities of these factors or features discussed in the apprehension of web conferencing technology for businesses affirms with 96% SME respondents consentient in the recommendation of Citrix as a key primary facilitator that is often recommended as well by regular users to new novice users to the aspects of web conferencing dynamics.

The fundamental deliverable from the survey in notion here was to ascertain the opportunity in rating the current level of satisfaction with the roll out of web conferencing technology for business. Over 53%, half of the survey respondents designate Citrix online as the primary choice of service providers under the “extremely satisfied” category.


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