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Report 4: Web Conference Usage Stats – Large Enterprise vs. SME

Larger organizations are inward focused, meaning that the dynamics of their web conference usage is for internal communications between remote offices and workforces across the globe with the integration of web conference technology.

SME professionals were clearly categorical in the virtue of increasing web conference usage for the potentials to improve their reach, involve more & more people in relevance to their products & services and cultivate better relationships that enhance their brand recognition and at the same time decreasing the elements of cost factors. The resultants therefore with the roll out of web conference technology by SME is to gain more productivity even if it comes at a cost and the “outward” web conference applications deliverables and dynamics are well worth the value of time & money.

Web Conference Apps Usage

Web Conference Application Usage

The next order of events was to evaluate the importance of web conferencing based application and features to an SME, the ratio of online customer presentations and demonstration is much more a quotient factor as compared to any large enterprise with figures affirming 2.1 Vs 1.6 for online customer presentations and again 2.1 Vs 1.3 respectively for demonstration.

The ratio of prospective online seminars is again on a higher side scoring well past large organizations by SME with figures to affirm the same between 1.9 by SME as against 1.1 by large enterprises, for product support the numbers scores 1.7 for SME Vs 1.3 for large enterprises and external team based meeting factors amounting between 1.8 Vs 1.6.

The only exception where large enterprise scored a better percentile as compared to SME was in reference to internal team based usage where the ratio was inclined between 1.6 for large enterprises Vs 1.4 for SME.

The ratio of web conference group users across any SME too vary greatly as compared to large enterprises wherein SME has affirmed to hold more web conference based group meetings involving customers figuratively amounting 1.8 Vs 1.0, which is twice as many. The value of prospects derived from such meetings affirming the variable between 1.6 Vs 0.6, which is almost thrice for SME and Large enterprises.

Major Uses of Web Conference by SME

Major Uses of Web Conference by SME

Clearly web conferencing based solutions facilitated by SME derives better customer and prospect oriented judgments with stand out data to confirm the notion. The ability to involve more people, save travel cost and time travel factors has been articulated as the primaries for the roll out of web conferencing based solutions for your businesses.

The purpose of web conferencing technology and the roll out of web conferencing based services for your business advantage strong cost savings perspectives, ability to involve and reach more people, more prospects with figurative assertions of 3 out of 4 respondents.

The flexibility to attend and conduct online meetings using innovative web conferencing features from the comfort of your home or while traveling for business and pleasure. Over half of the survey respondents including both SME and large enterprise users unanimously agreeing the factor of enhanced productivity and new applications roll out with the merger of web conferencing solutions.

The resultant factors are constant and independent of the organization size with a little higher inclination by SME in the roll out of web conference solutions by strong analysis and emphasis on saving travel time.

Web Conferencing Usage by Return Users

Web Conferencing Usage by Return Users

Further more, when the survey respondents were asked as to why they prefer using web conference solutions for personal reasons, 72% of them affirming consonance in the roll out of web conference solutions to enable more work done and enhance productivity as well while 70% asserting lesser travel time to be the quotient factor. The results furthermore ascertains SME prefer using web conferencing technology for reasons of flexibility to attend the same from your home as compared to large enterprise users in the following ratio 48% for SME Vs 36% for large enterprises.

When asked if web conferencing usage brings any value in the current order of your business infrastructure, one third of SME users amounting to 33% affirm that the value of return with web conferencing usage factor is very high as compared to the costs and another 35% affirming that value variable on returns on a much higher side.

Only 4% of these survey respondents affirming that the value of returns is in the roll out of web conferencing is marginal and another scanty 0.3% affirming that web conferencing is not worth the cost after experiencing & using the same. The survey respondents conforms marginal return factors with web conferencing, high usage returns and another 33% affirming the usage of web conferencing by SME on a much higher side.


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