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Report 6: Conclusion on Web Conferencing Usage Trends by SME (s)

Large enterprises usage for web conferencing predates to be a quotient factor for consideration of presumptions to be a prevailing mechanism already in motion. The advent of web conferencing today is driven by the thrust of SME (s) and small firms or business consultants.

With the following report we conclude our blog series on web conference usage stats & trends by SME professionals to comprehend the dynamic aspects in the cross roads on web conference technology usage along the information highway for remote unified collaboration, unified conferencing and unified mobility.

With the preservation of web conference powered solution models in the institute of profit from new markets and how Small-to-Medium-Enterprises (SME) professionals integrates, implements and indemnify the association of remote business connections for the establishment of new mergers & acquisitions.

Over 1500 valid responses were collated to articulate the most realistic, in-fact the most comprehensive survey report to equate the merger of web conferencing technology by SME globally with further insights obtained from large enterprise web conference users for the comparative analysis of comparable factors.

The similarities in the annotation of analogous features in the gamut of web conference technology usage between small to medium businesses and large corporate enterprises whose usage ratio precedes by manifold stronger numeric figures to atop the same for the most pristine comparable data.

At the same time, the nature of web conference usage and what it yields for different businesses differs dynamically and the assertion of the figures to be quoted forthwith also quotes major dissimilarities. Among them all, the dissimilarity of different agendas as the achievable goal & objective is one of the effectual attributes and with the aid of the survey figures come to a point of literary preservation for the institute of a long term reference model.

The adoption ratio for new found technologies and technology updates is an inclination factor for many SME and SMB as compared to large enterprises. The innovation of approach & confidence in the practice of new practices to cede the experiences so far on any matter and the deployment of web conference technology is no different with provocative data to affirm consonance in the embrace of order in pendulum motion between touch bases SMB / SME vs. large enterprises / multi national companies separated by quotient factors ranging from cost, business nature, product type, customer service aspects, dynamics of marketing, announcement to both print & digital media, acquisition of brand models for the promotion of new business.

Figuratively to conclude the comprehensive report on SME usage trends with web conference technology and for the push in the nature of reasoning to follow forthwith events on the horizon, the role of web conference as a quantifiable vital business factor affirmed concisely with the equation of three out of four (3/4) survey respondents agreeing to the agreement of change and new dynamics as factors with the decision to roll out web conference technology and web based business tools for communications. Two out of three (2/3) of these survey respondents affirm further consonance that technology factor today in business is more than a quantifiable factor and is more of an inseparable integrity in the foundation and rule for every business and businesses.

Many SME respondents have indeed affirmed furthermore unperceivable consonance by the agreement when asked if it would be possible for them from here forth to conduct the same event of business responsibilities that are in motion, the answer most provocatively was an outright denial. Businesses across the globe today signs agreement that the order of the new generation in shaping the architecture of a long term efficiency driven result oriented productive profit model.


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One thought on “Report 6: Conclusion on Web Conferencing Usage Trends by SME (s)

  1. Great article. Web conferencing is need of hour as businesses can reduce travel costs, increase work efficiency, better client interaction etc. One can use various web conferencing tools such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. or can even deploy on premise RHUB web conferencing appliances in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings etc.

    Posted by Kevin peterson | June 5, 2013, 12:24 pm

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