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Report 5: Adoption 2 Deployment of Web Conferencing by SME Professionals

To evaluate the current tide over matter in the state of usage for web conferencing technology by small medium enterprises (SME), the survey respondents were presented with primary scenarios to indicate the degree of acceptability factor for SME perspectives in the adoption and deployment of the web conference technology in reference here.

SME Web Conference Usage

SME Web Conference Usage

Not surprisingly unanimously, web conferencing technology is not only the quotient factor of supreme productivity and efficiency driven results, it is an enabling factor to provide solutions to other non-related problems as well. Undoubtedly unanimously again web conferencing is the expectant factor for populous and trendy tech driven meeting sessions for many SME if not all.

Why Use Web Conference

Why Use Web Conference

On tenterhooks figurative factors for web conference usage over the past 6 months from these SME survey respondents affirms emphatically that the ratio of web conference users has been refuted comprehensively with results affirming a surge of 2 out of five users amounting to 41% accounts admittance and dependency factors for web conferencing. The same lieu of probability is inclined in favor of SME as against large enterprises where the factor of web conference meetings over face-to-face meetings categorizes in the ratio of 41% Vs 36%

The portability factor for web conference assimilation in the current network arrangement for your business practices amounts 3 out of four small medium enterprises attribute non-availability to be the primary facto for meeting participants adopting web conference services because they could not attend the meeting physically amounting to 72%. Two out of three uses new web meetings owing to cancellation of the same meetings for a scheduled date that could not be held amounting to 69% and almost another 64%, which are again two out of three users who have responded to the survey compliances reasons web conferencing to be the driven factor replacing traditional in-person meetings.

Web Conference Users Trend for This Year

Web Conference Users Trend for This Year

Here again SME’s usage pattern for web conference services is in tandem with large enterprise usage under an advanced metrics of prospecting probability driven by factors that 56% still uses the same to solve issues that were never addressed prior to this date

When asked about the ratio of usage for web conferencing services in the last year, some 46% of SME respondents affirmed dynamic growth factors or 50% & more in the trend of web conference usage for their business as compared to the last year with another 28% furthermore affirming 25% & more solid growth in the usage of web conferencing. Therefore, the totality factor pertains to 94% growth with very similar data in the usage of web conferencing by large enterprises as well.


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