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Report on Conference Call Solutions

Part 3: Dynamics of Conference Technology: From Cost to Value

Report on Conference Call Solutions

Part 3: Dynamics of Conference Technology: From Cost to Value

Moving on from yesterday’s post where we discussed the offerings attired with the pursuance of conference solutions and integrating the role of online meetings in tandem with remote controlled tools. The reasoning for today’s post is to peek into various instant teleconferencing options readily available for use starting from reservation-less conference solutions to operator assisted conference plans. Conference calling solutions varies from vendor to vendor and in today’s cutthroat competitive global market, the attire for full range of audio, video & web conferencing services rendered from one unified communication platform.

Audio conferencing also called as phone conferencing or teleconferencing, offers instant effective remote communications with participants from all corners of the world to conglomerate for a gala corporate event.

Instant audio conferencing service typically requires a phone line to deploy everyday conversations of numbers & data, facts & figures across global offices for your marketing teams presided by the top bosses as monitor, control and playback real time interactive visually rich communication channels.

Conference service providers can proffer online meeting set up in just minutes with prepaid conference plans without the need for any prior booking to reserve your conference slot!

Browser based live meeting monitoring laded with rich web conference tools deploying HTML5 powered innovations of activity streams & more user engaging simulations, practices and policies in motion as we speak. Live polls conducted in real time between meeting participants to quickly sum up notions of agreement on a speaker’s topic before going over to the next speaker, podcast broadcast for various smart phones & devices and many more novel leads of innovation and new technology. The pursuance of the mind could gather many more novice ideas and tricks for the most regular and basic actions of our everyday work life surrogated with remotely controllable unified factors.

Novice stratagem for maximizing productivity profitability at will with the ingeneration of an easy to use service available anytime every day of the year to meet anything from quick catch ups & impromptu meetings with attendees at short notice. We are talking about simplified conference solutions allowing participants to join the audio portion of the meeting by dialing local dial-in conference access numbers with visuals from your regular office PC with an internet connection.

Booked audio conference services works on a typical post paid billing model just like any other post paid billing service with instant post conference reports giving instant details of the total billing minutes for every successful conference calls. Mostly reserved conference service guarantees multiple lines availability for a large event attended by hundreds & thousand of global meeting attendees, enhanced security attire with the provisioning of unique pass-codes for accessing each meeting and expiring after a preconfigured interval.

Additional value added conference products & features include customized solutions, remotely managed Q & A session, roll-call and recording the precedence of the meeting event for later reference.


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