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Report on Conference Call Solutions

Part 4: Audio Video and Web Integrated Conference Solutions

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Report on Conference Call Solutions

Part 4: Audio Video & Web Integrated Conference Solutions

Today we conclude our insight in to the world of conference solutions and the attire of online meetings in tapping new market, increase employee productivity, savings on travel time & save a fortune at the same time. Teleconference solutions are distributed into various products & features and a major category for mass conference sessions is to successfully conduct a larger event based team management discussion with both in-house and global participants configures under professional unified communication platform as well as post-meeting follow up activities.

Over the last three days, we have covered the basics of conference technology and the role of the conference calling solutions in the conduct of new possibilities & higher efficiency from your business team. The agenda of the last four post including today’s post is to familiarize the idea of conference solutions and the ease in the pursuance of online meetings for businesses. The summary of the last three posts allows one to understand & deploy conferencing solutions and you could review the same from here below:

  • Part 1: Relativism of Conferencing Solutions
  • Part 2: Offerings of Conference Solutions
  • Part 3: Dynamics of Conference Technology: From Cost to Value

Most conference vendor offers the web conference package using third party affiliation from other service providers in tandem with in-house teleconferencing or the phone conference portion during a live online meeting. The elements of advanced communication channel are easily combined with audio conferencing and live visuals via any web browser based live conference monitoring tools with the aid of various web-based tools also revered as web conferencing features.

Web conference features primarily include presenter control, switching presenter controls, desktop sharing, online document sharing, whiteboard & annotation tools, public & private chat, live polls, moderate Q & A sessions in real time and many richer user-engaging features to easily combine audio or phone conferencing to add a visual element to your online meetings.

Conference calling solutions bridges two to more than 2500 people via a global network of phone lines using a regular PC with an internet connection to be a part of a global corporate event or live webinar session between investors & stake holders, conducting an investor relations meeting and range of other everyday actions upgraded with state-of-the-art communication and collaborated tools.

View and share presentations and documents easily remotely, run an online discussion and even conduct live poll opinion amongst colleagues and other meeting attendees.

With web conferencing firmly grasped for maximum returns from your global workforces, videoconferencing visuals furthermore add more value and experience a unique conferencing limelight dramatically changing the very nature of conducting regular business events with more flair & finesse and virtually transforming the way you and your global workforce interacts with colleagues, customers & suppliers.

Interactive visuals via live videoconferencing channels enables your regular face-to-face meetings to yield the same measure of results only this time the entire experience is supremely provocative and intuitively responsive for reasons of increased productivity. Streaming your live conference visuals or “Web Casting” enables your business to tap new markets from your existing business base using your existing network & infrastructure to add the power of eye contact and body language that aids in building trust and strengthening working relationship between the employer & the employee, between your potential client & customers.

Video conferencing services allows you to run and launch interactive browser based visual communication channels with up to 16 participants using a simple web based applications via the online conference manager using to stream live visuals via your web cam instantaneously. Video Conferencing features along with web conference tools can be tailored to meet the demands of any business with integrated management tools helpful in controlling performance and expenditures for businesses of all shapes and size.

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