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Computer Based Audio Conferencing

Part 2: Assessing VOIP Conferencing Cost Factors

Computer Based Audio Conferencing: A Comprehensive Report

Part 2: Assessing VOIP Conferencing Cost Factors

Although cost savings is one of the major stimulant for companies to opt the use computer based audio conferencing solutions, one primary factor that has emerged significantly in the roll out of the survey data reports from actual conference solutions users for different firms & businesses. 69.9% of survey respondents vindictively mark the ability to join online meetings at ease and panache from just about anywhere with an Internet network attached to their computer, laptop or any other devices. Another impounding statistic of 51.8% of survey “conference user” respondents for the factor to easily schedule the web based audio conference call in sync with the web conference session in motion.

50.6% respondents agreeing cost to be the potential factor for the roll out of computer based conference channel in sync with VOIP technology.

Additional primaries in descending order include dynamics of ease in initiating the online conference session as well as joining the web meeting, dependency for additional phone lines or phone devices yet at the same time merging real time possibilities of convenience & control in the monitoring of any live conference session.

SMB professional are in-fact amount active participation & enthusiastic keenness in the merger of remote conference communication discussion channels from a single unified communication platform from just about anywhere in the world in tandem with large enterprise users too and figuratively amounting to 75.6% vs. 64.3% agreeing to the same fact in notion.

Benefits of Computer Based Conferencing

Benefits of Computer Based Conferencing

Augment cost based primary factor of conference roll out to be the second most statistically provocative figure of 61.0% for small business, firms, SMB’s and 40.5% if large enterprise respondents of the survey from an independent marketing research firm.

The remaining meager remainder percentages are respondents whose company dynamics in terms of size or the product they cater does not accommodates the roll out of conference communication channels.

Relatively to comprehend the modest simple notion of why or what would draw the attentions of the non-conference users, respondents were asked to foreplay the ease of using and scheduling an audio conferencing sessions along with web conference attire as well as the ease in joining these conference sessions by other participants remotely.  The ability to control and monitor respective participant conference channels, mute or un-mute the same, lock & un-lock an ongoing-conference session for businesses are prime de-facto for the necessitation of IP based conferencing.

Typically audio conferencing sessions in accord with the more traditional and widespread network of PSTN dial-in conference access numbers bridges the same ongoing discussion from two different respective aspects to bridge the audio and web conference. However, with the introduction of computer powered audio conferencing via IP telephony simplifies the connection establishment by bridging both the channels of audio and web using the same network and mechanisms.

Thus, you amalgamate scheduling, joining & controlling a real time conference conversation via a unitary communication platform.

For the final note on the day’s post in the agreement of all the agreeable clauses, that we have covered so far in the purview and inspection of computer powered audio conferencing, the survey respondents were asked why they would not consider the roll out of conference technology.

Two top reasons were cited categorically:

  1. Lack of superior speakers or wireless headset arrangement on their computer, be it office or home; &
  2. Lack of access to a computer powered audio conference service provider in the market.

Undeniably, these are rectifiable clauses as compared to the concerns pertaining to ease in attending or conducting these conference sessions, which are therefore considered lesser significant obstacles.

Credit: The credit for all the numbers, data, graphs and images shown on this post goes solely to the original report that have cited the report based on the survey conducted by Wainhouse Research and the role of ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com is the reporting of the same to users, visitors & customers.

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