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Computer Based Audio Conferencing

Part 3: Current Industry Trend for VOIP Conferencing Usage

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Computer Based Audio Conferencing: A Comprehensive Report

Part 3: Current Industry Trend for VOIP Conferencing Usage

Encyclical conversations in the order of computer based conference solutions is the notion in motion lately and today we go into the dynamics of the current economic factors and the real time practical usability of IP based conference communication calls in tandem with web conference attires and interactive video conference boost.

Over 38.4% of the survey respondents conducted by the independent marketing research firm belongs to who are also the one third of the total survey respondents, do not now or use computer-based conference for the brand or company they represent. Therefore, the introduction of unified conference solutions to these novice users would be to strengthen the allies of savings & prospects as the other two third of the respondents affirms assertive doctrines of productivity and dependability in the attire of audio, web and video conference communication channels.

27.7%, almost one quarter of these respondents affirms to have used computer based audio conferencing sessions more often and regularly for business conversations with remote peers. However if the categorization of the respondents field of work and usability of conference communication is related an absolute none, an over-whelming percentage of 56.8% amounts to respondents who uses conference communication technology for reasons that range more than a two-way business conversation channel. These are practical doctrines of new-age technology renaissance where the notions of conference motion to diversify the pristine order of things as they are as we speak.

Only a meager 4.7% of respondents relate the technology to be unassertive and productive or useful from their business perspectives after using and the trying the same.

Computer Based Conferencing Usage

Computer Based Conferencing Usage

A closer inspection over the current situation and user attitude based on the company size reveals an intertwining revelation that close to a quarter figuratively 23.8% of large enterprise audio conference users who are also the respondents of the survey in discussion here affirms to have used computer powered IP telephony enabled audio conference session seminar. Web seminars are the perfect tools for interactive product demonstration, strategic marketing discussions that requires visuals, graphs, reports, data and a lot other variables used for the conduct of the business agenda.

These are again different for SMB’s respondents amounting to 15.1% and an additional one third 34.9% who have not used or considered conference services, much more than the large amount of 19.7% large enterprise based respondents irrespective of the factor of most gaining from a reduced per-minute and flat rate costs. These enterprise users are paying a much higher per minute cost with their current conference arrangement and they are therefore undoubtedly the most to benefit from the adoption of computer powered IP telephony conference services.

Likewise status quo for the SMB’s too and they too are indeed missing the opportunity round the corner with the adoption of computer based audio conference merger most significantly for the lack of exposure factor of what they or the firm, company, employer incurs because they tend to be paying the higher per minute costs.

Credit: The credit for all the numbers, data, graphs and images shown on this post goes solely to the original report that have cited the report based on the survey conducted by Wainhouse Research and the role of ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com is the reporting of the same to users, visitors & customers.

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