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Computer Based Audio Conferencing

Part 4: Assessment on Audio Web Conferencing Cost Factors

Computer Based Audio Conferencing: A Comprehensive Report

Part 4: Assessment on Audio & Web Conferencing Cost Factors

As we gear in to motion for speed and the thrust for knowledge to propel thoughts in to actions, other prime benefits quoted by these survey respondents propagates the emerging truth of advanced computing technology and the rising trend of conference communication for the effective roll out of business strategies by corporate globally that guarantees the purpose & the profit.

The sole portrayer, the chief captivator of success in the adoption and adaptation of computed based conference solutions is the simple ability to schedule, connect and attend virtual meetings with more ease and relativism. The key prima de facto bridging audio conference conversations and web conferencing possibilities for the cohesive productive merger of organizational cost cuts, easier accessibility, less IT support involvement and greater maneuverability announces the arrival of computed-based audio conferencing and the increasing dependability of web conferencing computing components.

Coming back to the current discussion, our assessment and data compared so far have revealed round of $20 a month to be the most responsive market figure in terms of audio conferencing costs in tandem with web conference attires, which are billed separately.

Audio & Web Conference Cost Factors

Audio & Web Conference Cost Factors

Moreover, these are figures collated from large enterprises where the cost factors are multiplied by the number of employees using web conferencing features while in discussion over the audio conference account. More cohesively and profoundly these web conference sessions are seat based audio conference accounts for large enterprise users where each account is billed individually.

Therefore, figuratively multiply $20 with the number of web conference users internally or externally within your organizations who are active users. For a large enterprise with say 500 active web conference users, the total conference communication including the primary product audio conferencing likely to be around an impounding $10000 a month.

Contrary to this, the functioning for an SMB based organization trend in the usage of audio conferencing services in amalgamation with web conference licenses for use while conducting or hosting internal as well as external meetings or web events is typically contradictory. The most accurate comprehension now shapes the persuasion of the cost borne factors in the roll out of web conference and audio conference call sessions for SMB’s will be by multiplying the total cost per respondent with the average number of participants in a typical regular web meeting.

The WR survey report and data so far has already sufficed the industry benchmark average of 9.9 web conference participants and therefore multiplying the average $20 audio conference cost per user per month with the rounding figure of 9.9 to 10 average web conference participants amounts the total cost of $200 a month for every host. Now multiply the per host total cost of $200 for ten host using individual audio conference account with web conference licenses amounts to high cost of $2000 a month.

Let us bring in an external tertiary factor to furthermore discuss the audio conference cost for a web seminar or web cast event generically will be a lot tougher than it seems as the profile usage for each host for such an event can vary widely. Therefore, we borrow some of the metrics & figures discussed above to compare a hypothetical scenario where an average hour-long seminar per day with 50 participants to extravagantly and assertively result the following:

Web Seminar Cost Assessment

Web Seminar Cost Assessment

An assumption for the bottom line cost of say $2000 a month would undoubtedly escalate at a faster rate for each seminar that we are in notion here.

The survey reports that an average audio conferencing usage differs for different organizations and large organizations or enterprises, the decision for the roll out of conference solutions is made with a result of 46.6% by the IT department, followed by 26.6% decision makers pertaining from the telecom or communication department. For an SMB, the decision in the roll out of audio conferencing services as well as web conference licenses is arbitrated typically by the executive staff within an SMB organization figuratively amounting to 39.7%, followed by the IT department with 34.4%.

Therefore, to draw a definitive conclusion on the day’s agenda, departments related to IT and telecom within a large enterprise organization driven by a budget based aimed at reducing cost, executive staffers however from a SMB firm, would eye for the roll out of the conference communication channel for an incremental status quo factor of savings.

Credits: The credit for all the numbers, data & graphs shown on this post goes solely to the original report that have cited the report based on the survey conducted by Wainhouse Research and the role of ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com is the reporting of the same to users, visitors & customers.

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