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Computer Based Audio Conferencing

Part 5: Current Industry Trend for Audio Web Conference Participation

Computer Based Audio Conferencing: A Comprehensive Report

Part 5: Current Industry Trend for Audio Web Conference Participation

To firm an ever-convincing opinion on these judgments of conference notions and sizing the measurement of correlating necessity in the comprehension of audio conferencing cost when the same is in tandem with web conferencing usage. The same elite respondents where again presented with two key queries pertaining to their average association in their current web conferences and average number of web conferences that they attend.

Over half of them affirms assertively 60 minutes as an average quotient in their web conference durations and another two out of five amounting to figuratively 39.0% runs the web conference sessions fewer than 60 minutes and only one in ten amounting to 10.2% attends a web conference sessions that last longer than the quoted average of 6 minutes.

Upon assigning a variable value of 15 minutes in duration for a web conference session that runs less than 30 minutes and 120 minutes for those that run more than 90 minutes, the result is an average of a web conference that lasts 53 minutes.

The entire half of the respondents in contention here for the reporting of a comprehensive appraisal of IP based computer powered audio conference sessions with pristine experience of connectivity via a wireless Bluetooth device headset or a genuine wireless headset. 48.7% of these respondents affirm participation to at least 1 – 5 web conferences or similar events in a month.

Another 5% amounting to 21.3% participate in 6 – 10 web conference meetings or similar events and 12.7% in 11 – 20 and lastly 12% of them in 20 or more web conference sessions in a typical 30-day period starting from the day they started the first web conference. These comprehensive figures are in relevance to the more conventional phone based per minute pricing channel of dial in conference access numbers via a network of global phone lines bridge to a network of a superior conference bridge with multi channel dynamic porting features.

Average Duration & Web Conference Participation Trend

Average Duration & Web Conference Participation Trend

Purposely associating a value of 25 meetings to “Over 20”, a more conservative value in the detainment of apprehending average web seminars that are held these days, the midpoint to the remaining two ranges, as the more conclusive arrangements reporting an average web conference sessions users use in a month or a period of 30 days.

Cohesively and dominantly, the range of 20 – 25 web conference meetings amounts to a ratio of 8.1 web conference meetings attended a month by “regular” web & audio conference users.

The following discussion is to continue further in the forthcoming posts where we will draw the conclusion on a comprehensive analysis and comprehension on the aspects of Audio Conferencing powered by a computer and IP telephony in place of the more traditional & widespread PSTN infrastructure.

Credit: The credit for all the numbers, data & graphs shown on this post goes solely to the original report that have cited the report based on the survey conducted by Wainhouse Research and the role of ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com is the reporting of the same to users, visitors & customers.

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