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In Roads to Telepresence Technology: Part 1

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The colloquialisms of conference vendor’s market leaders are digging new strands of technology models that stand to deliver sharing ideas on the existing video communication platform by bridging cell phones, remote desktops sharing and more such rich remote collaborated exercises encompassing anytime anywhere.

Advanced state-of-the-art video encoding configurations to enrich and revivify the distance education programs via two-way video communication channel enabling the primary hub and remote sites to attend, interact and engage interested peers for the absolute possibility of facilitating a high-value presenter based environ with dynamic pragmatic distance online education simulations. The enactment of a virtual classroom network and the enunciation of the core primaries delivering true-to-life video communications that convey immediacy to remote learning attributes and the reflection of the same level of enthusiasm and prospects for both the trainer and the trainee with the deliverables deployed by telepresence technology.

Telepresence technologies is in-roads to many more advanced technological marvels and are looking straight towards the integration of robotics technology with fully simulative telepresence environs based on latest 4G wireless networks that promises to bring about results beyond measurable propositions.

Telepresence intelligence has already been immersed with scientific research and applied sciences that allows scientists or subject matter experts to closely examine the details of their subject matter relevancy like establishing an instant remote connection with consultants, experts, businesses, educators and classrooms across the globe. The next generation telepresence robotics has already marked their presence by allowing people to travel into delicate areas and broadcast their video and data in real-time.

An out of the box study of telepresence technology usage for effective real time communication can be suggested with the telepresence exploration and research vessel for underwater study and education in addition to everyday communication aboard the CRV Nereid Explorer. Few of the next generation third party applications and tools that most businesses run today include image and document transfer, white boarding and annotation tools, mobile integration, health based information and more. They are the forerunners of telepresence based solution model wherein the impediments and emulates towards the apprehension of personal desktop and simulative visual communications as a part of a robust redundant unified communications strategy.

Conclusively, telepresence technology adoption is most valued for IT investment firms and remote facilities for global businesses related to human resources, legal and compliance, training and certification, executive search and recruitment, manufacturing and design are some of the few top variants who rely on telepresence solutions usage.

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One thought on “In Roads to Telepresence Technology: Part 1

  1. In Roads to Telepresence Technology: Cloud Computing Sectors Part II
    Depending on the structure of your organization hierarchy, challenges are pursued in rolling out an extended network possibilities and evaluate a revised cloud computing based services to meet market requirements and level customer expectations.


    Posted by ksetrajna | October 6, 2011, 8:27 pm

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