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Telepresence Technology

In Roads to Telepresence Technology: Communication Empowerment Part V

The expansion of human intelligence and the adoption of new age technology by corporate, global brands, educational entities including government agencies has by far more than benefited with the advancement of telepresence technology far driven beyond traditional boardroom closed walls into an ever exceedingly improving real-time communication.

The collaboration for the cohesion of a long lasting sizable impact over your annual expenditures with the reduction of travel costs in perfect sync with the environmental initiations of reducing carbon footprints with the adoption of telepresence based conference services bridged in unison for the more proponent identical term aka “unified communications”.

The transformation for technological marvels has already shaped the course for the future but with the ever-looming present at large in the apprehension of the architecture for new wave of communication patterns. The patterns range from conference calls to web cast broadcast, from click-to-call technology to one click international dialing from your Blackberry and still save a fortune on your International calls.

Telepresence technology adaptation and adoption to marvel practical day to day business tools with accredited weathered proven marketing tactics by combining pristine quality for interactive video communication atop top notched web conference features like online document sharing, virtual collaboration tools and more such prime interactivity enablers over your conventional corporate conference events or corporate discussion sessions.

Telepresence solutions surpasses regular video teleconferencing attributes and recent research in to understanding the working model frame work has already shown the optimization of telepresence technology in product development, sales, marketing and talent acquisition.

Illustriously the wheels of time rides now on a better improved optimum productivity motion of profitable business results in the continuous shaping of telepresence technology to amass more value to video-enabled remote communications.

In the next post, we will discuss more extensively on the merger of telepresence technology for your business enterprise ranging from the basic infrastructure & architecture and the reliable interoperability of telepresence based solutions.


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