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NASA Endeavors: Video Learning in Orbital Fixes Part 1

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How ironical will it sound if we argue that NASA needs conferencing technology like no other entity universally & definitively? It lays the foundation of conferencing to such heights that will inculcate a completely new dimension in the way we comprehend audio, web & video conferencing technology and how the unification of them can bring about results beyond comparable magnitude.

The US government was the first to extensively implement the dependence on video conferencing technology usage in NASA’s research, development & communication. It is one of the first major government sectors that adopted real time visual communication technology integrated with audio control features to satisfy high-end demands for both audio & video communication between its base on the U.S.soil and the space laboratory in orbit.

Video Learning for Orbital Fixes

Video Learning for Orbital Fixes

Key NASA officials & teams at various locations both in orbit and physically here on earth rely predominantly on this ingenious mode of communication for interaction engaging timely, technical conversations between counterparts and collaborate virtually for accomplishing mission critical goals.

They are one of those geniuses who made video conferencing broadcast from space possible for the first time across the universe that we know and are definitely the nations most precious crown jewels. In short, they were the first ones to show the world the real possibilities of high-end visual communication in fortifying dynamic in-orbit training simulations to build a 100% man made space station with assistance from their ground support control counterparts here on earth.

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