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Survey on Conference Usage

Survey on Conference Usage Primaries for Profitability: Part I

The addressable market potential forecast for market probability in the year 2010 by Wainhouse Research (WR), an independent firm that focuses on critical research related to the field unified communications and rich media conferencing services, for the opportunity of sizable comprehension of audio bridging or conferencing usage minutes and revenue sharing. The report elaborates revenue sharing potential and profitability mark ups from web conferencing & video teleconferencing and is the agenda of our discussion.

The sizable elaborate report is intricately based on location specific labor & employment data from the WR repository of previous years in addition to the volume of audio, web & video revenue forecast for 2011 and the methodology of these comprehensive surveys is based on the following key primaries:

  • Total Population |
  • Total Labor Force |
  • Employed labor Force |
  • Employment by Industry Specific Service Area |
  • Employment by Job Role or Designation |Usage & Penetration of Real-Time Communications Network Usage |
  • Primary Communication Mode Include Both Fixed & Mobile Phone Lines |
  • Forecast of Data Usage Related to Audio, Video & Web Conferencing Services |

The incisiveness of this exceptionally one-of-a-kind report is integrated with definitive attributes by augmenting judgments based on whom to include in the conduct & delivery of this vital initiative.

In simple words, the accuracy of the data collated via this report is a result of including key job role or title specific professionals whose key responsibility area for the entity they represent addresses the potential to be either a moderator or conferee using conferencing in the robust collaboration or conferencing service provider addressable market.

Simplistically, the assessment is opinionated by the exclusion of non-conferencing or non-collaborated job roles like your local postal worker or a gas station attendant, etc but with the inclusion of job role primaries of investment bankers or a hardcore marketing expert, etc.


The credit for all the statistics, numbers & data quoted on the post above goes solely to Wainhouse Research and the role of ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com is limited to only sharing the details for the report across the web and to its clients, customers & readers.

Wainhouse Research further asserts that the compilation of their data is as per official statistical details quoted by different entities like International Labor Organization, Economist Intelligence Unit, CIA World Fact Book, and the WR North American 2010 CSP Market Forecast & Provider Reviews.


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