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Survey on Conference Usage

Survey on Conference Usage & Revenue Sharing: Part II

The assessment of this collaborated testimony is impressively and conclusively strong-minded based on the collation of data usage of existing conference service users, a minute based pricing calculation for an average approximation sampling of companies, firms or any other industry specific domain using conferencing services.

Statistical evaluation conducted with the following report asserts that industry domains like pharmaceutical companies, investment bankers, financial services, insurance companies, etc uses conferencing based services to an average approximation of 9000 minutes annually, wherein further disintegration based on per employee conferencing usage is limited to between 720 – 1080 minutes annually and varies for varied geographic locations respectively.

An exemplary assessment from an addressable market for audio, web & video minute’s usage in Canada is approximated by the multiplication of conference service provider markets by the above quoted approximation of 1080 minutes with 5.8 million conference service provider’s addressable employees equals to 6.2 billion minutes. This is a significantly much smaller figure, as compared to the forecast of 2.9 billion minutes usage in 2010.

For an evenly balanced confrontation of comparable & usable data structure, the report is an authoritative comprehension based on the usage of each conference moderator or conferees respectively at any single point of time but not both included.

This is been done deliberately so that the consideration of the addressable market for every specific industry, or for every specific job role is based on the average usage divided amongst all potential conferencing users including account holders and conference attendees and not just the key account holders total minutes usage for the respective entity that they represents. Else, both the revenue and total minutes usage comes just about the same either way!


The credit for all the statistics, numbers & data quoted on the post above goes solely to Wainhouse Research and the role of ConferBlogs.WordPress.Com is limited to only sharing the details for the report across the web and to its clients, customers & readers.

Wainhouse Research further asserts that the compilation of their data is as per official statistical details quoted by different entities like International Labor Organization, Economist Intelligence Unit, CIA World Fact Book, and the WR North American 2010 CSP Market Forecast & Provider Reviews.


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