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Unified Communications – Part 2: EPBX Solutions

Virtual EPBX solutions are great tools for large corporations or enterprises, SMB (s) and smaller business firms with the facilitation of a private telecom network dedicated for both internal and external communications. Virtual EPBX solutions are an earner forth cost savings, network reliability and customizable solution predicament in the deployment of a virtual office unit accessible from anywhere across the globe.

Virtual EPBX or IPPBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange to armor business enterprises with a dependable cost effective communication network for closer constant interaction between customers and business allies. Virtual EPBX as the term suggest requires a typical Internet broadband connection to thrust any of the following solutions for a business entity:

EPBX Solutions

EPBX Solutions

Virtual EPBX based solutions are easier to install, implement and maintain as compared to a regular PSTN phone system with added advantage in cost savings, zero wiring and scalability. They support and facilitate numerous phone extensions to cater communication bridging for each of your employees designated with typical four digit or three digit extensions. There are no on-site hardware installation requirements at your physical business location and therefore offers expendable possibilities of advantages to your business communication chores.

Forward your International business numbers otherwise referred as direct inward dialing (DID) numbers that are both and toll and toll free based numbers to terminate on your EPBX network and thus offer your business to reach new markets virtually from your current business base. Assist your network with personalized auto greeting attendants and forward calls after a pre-defined time interval to the voicemail server with instant email notification configuration to multiple users using the same unified server.

IPPBX Networks

IPPBX Networks

An automated Fax to Email support system that receives faxes and forwards the same instantly to an email address and thus eliminates the need for any chunkier fax machines. Features like “find me and follow me” service ensures that your employees or global workforce professionals are accessible in real time over a variety of communication modes ranging from a landline or mobile phone to forwarding the incoming calls routed to a voicemail system that furthermore integrates instant email notification.

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