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Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call – Part 1

Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call – Part 1

Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call – Part 1

Typically, teleconferences are conducted in an instant using any phone to connect the PSTN dial-in conference bridge. The modes of allowing participants join a teleconference or telephone based seminar (some may refer) ranges from toll & toll free based PSTN dial in to web based dial outs using VOIP factors to connect the conference bridge.

Bringing in innovation to this process of dial in is by click-to-call technology by outplaying the need to dial-in to the network and be a part of the conversation but the network itself is scheduled intelligently to call attendees at a predefined time to the list of attendees across the globe using web based dial-out calling and automatically placing all the conference attendee to the designated conference bridge.

Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call is a dynamic inclusion in the technology domain for audio conference conversations across the globe by negating the need for the conference leader to be physically present to initiate a conference call. The entire process is very similar to the callback services, wherein the system first calls the attendee and once the attendee answers the call, another call is placed to the conference bridge so that the attendee could be placed for the conference session. The conference call could be also initiated by simply clicking on a web URL and feeding the desired callback number or schedule the network to automatically call the attendees well in advance.

This web URL could be sent to all the conference attendees via an email or a test SMS by either the conference moderator or the conference leader representing or presiding the conference session for various businesses. The process furthermore effectively negates the role to be physically present to monitor the conference session as the conversation could also be monitored not just from a computer or a laptop but also from any smart phone or a tablet device.

All the attendees have to do is answer the incoming call and allow the automated IVR network to place them to their designated conference bridge for the duration of the conference session with advanced automated monitoring configurations to initiate a callback in case any of the attendees are disconnected during the conference session.


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