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Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call – Part 2

Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call – Part 2

Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call – Part 2

Conference @ Speed Click-to-Call is an advanced backend integration to connect conference attendees automatically and is not at all a complex process as compared to its counterpart conference dial in wherein attendees not just have to dial in to the conference bridge but also remember to authenticate the session by feeding the conference PIN.  The service user need not be tech savvy and thus the usability factors are simply more than meets the eye. Whatever happens in the backend to connect the service user to the scheduled conference room at the scheduled hour is a notion beyond traditional perspectives and you as a service provider will be offering the very best in the age of smart gadgets & devices!

The service user simply clicks on the “attend conference call back” link or image facilitated by the conference service provider via the conference leader to connect the conference bridge along with other attendees. The service user is presented with the option to feed in the desired call back number followed by the conference PIN request during initial moments of the call to authenticate the users credential and once the verification process is completed, the user is placed inside the conference room. Furthermore you can also consider your conference attendees to process their inclusion in the conference bridge by not feeding the PIN and thus make the session absolutely PIN-less dialing affair!

For PIN-less automate audio conference dial in process, the default call back number of the both the participants and leaders are being configured at the time of sign up or from the online account management platform.

Conference @ the speed of a click is more than an innovative concept bringing in more variants to access scheduled conference calls by using regular options like toll & toll free dial in or web based dial out trigger configured to dial automatically without any real time assistance. The service users can configure the call trigger minutes before the scheduled conference event and allow participants to join the conference instantly.

Conference click-to-call works on the same concept as we experience dialing an international call using international access numbers followed by the PIN. To configure PIN-less dialing for an international call service, the user’s default phone number configured to automatically recognize the service provider’s system network. Thus, enjoy PIN-less dialing for all international calls or attend the conference session in this instance made by using the configured calling device, be it a mobile & land-line phone or be it a smart phone or tablet device!


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