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Conference Tools – Part 1

Activity Streams Meetup

Activity Streams Meetup (Photo credit: Silverisdead)

Activity Streams actions are not just a term revered to publish a post, but to highlight the dominance in the nature of its virtue & truth. At once the power of imagination is switched into actions to foreplay deliverable that are better, faster and more efficient.

“Activity Streams”, a term attired for discussion relating to the agenda of communications over conferences and conferences over collaboration, all conducted, deployed and pursued remotely!

Between then and now, a lot has changed!

Likewise, the order of event waiting to unfold at the end of the day’s post to affirm that was then, that was when we discussed “Activity Streams” in consonance to imaginary conceptualization of unorthodox communication channels.

This is now as it happens in real time, this is when we discuss the attire of “Activity Streams” in reference to real time user engaging tools in use during live corporate conferences, online boardroom meetings, remote health based video discussions, and more.

In the shape of real time conference polls, online meeting polling, post conference voting, real time question answer sessions and more, these real time deployable user engaging tools are the way into interactive real time remote interaction between attendees and organizers of online virtual trade events, online gaming events, online product demonstrations and more.

Online poll is an instant feedback oriented strategy tool that helps during live presentations, sales strategy meetings, and new promotion taglines between client, designer, copy editor & the agency agent with the deal.

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