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Conference Tools – Part 2

Conference Tools Part 2

Conference Tools Part 2

Being victorious in every aspects of our lives emulates the legend of pride, prudence and positivism. The winner inside us wants to break free from the shackles of traditional methodologies pursued by the “victorious lot” in reference here amalgamates the signs of omnipresent changes predating the hour of the moment in the execution of Time Shift Technology.

The execution of Time Shift Technology, more specifically Time Shift Conference Technology and unveiling the concept behind the integration and pursuit of scheduling tomorrow’s web, video or audio conference session as early as today this moment!

By any stretch of imagination, the drawings of skeptics & critiques are welcomed to question the monstrous advocacy in the proclamation of an unbarred mind pulsating reverence in the belief of blogging enunciations of literary conduit for the preservation of virtuosity in the domain from the not so distant virtuosi future by the protagonist concept of Time Shift Conference.

Plainly talking, the advance scheduling of web conference sessions integrated with audio conference in the ambit of visual communication for a super enhanced connotation of multi party presentation on new latest product release for your firm and for unseen reasons coincidentally you also need skip the same to be present for another important event for your company.

Bring in the experts from WhizMeeting.com and deploy Time Shift Conference.

Intelligent web browser based account console allows you to create the template for inviting the participants each configured with their respective email addresses for an automated delivery trigger set for delivery for a forthcoming date & time.

Bring in the protagonist referred above coincide an exemplary referendum.

Assuming today as Monday and the presentation is scheduled for Wednesday this week; configure your email to be triggered for delivery to the respective addresses with the details of the date & time of the conference event along with the details of the participant PIN or pass-code and the set of Toll & Toll Free Dial In conference access numbers.

For complete automation experience of Time Shift Conference scheduling, deploy web based dial outs to be triggered 15 minutes ahead the pre-configured time of the forthcoming conference event in reference here to all the participants desired phone numbers including mobile & landline.

The idea is to again create a list of the participants attending the forthcoming event and configuring each attendee desired phone number including mobile & landline so that a web based dial out could be triggered automatically at a pre-scheduled time.

The web dial out platform completes the aforementioned scenario including auto authentication of each of the participants PIN or pass-code to furthermore offer a hassle free PIN-less dialing experience and thus place the participants inside the conference room along with the other participants invited to attend the pre-scheduled meeting automatically with maximum efficiency.

The conference leaders or the conference chairpersons conducting the aforementioned plot above indeed attend the conference while on the go, while all other aspects of the Time Shift Conference scheduling progresses 100% unattended. Simply dial in the conference access number, enter the leader PIN or pass-code and join the pre-scheduled conference event on the actual day of its becoming.

The automated web presentation that has been configured in advance will deploy automatically as all other remote attendees participate in the scheduled event in real time after being placed in to the conference room automatically via an incoming call to their desired phone number without the hassle of remembering & entering the participant PIN or pass-code.

Time the presentation to the very last finite detailing and auto deploy interactive visual communication at a pre-configured time set to start after X amount of duration from the start of the presentation.

Say, you have configured the web cam for all the attendees are offered to be enabling after the pre-scheduled event completes X minutes of duration from the start of the online meeting.

The concept Time Shift Conference is arduously demanding yet infinitely elite in experience!

Demanding with the need to configure an automated list of web based dial out to participants across varying time zones as one of the many reasons and infinitely elite in the persuasion of novelty.


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