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The Future of Work Life: Part 1 – Go Mobile!

The Future of Work Life: Part 1 – Go Mobile!

The Future of Work Life: Part 1 – Go Mobile!

With the advent of technology, consulting & outsourcing, where high performances are delivered with impeccable consistency, the motion to propel the way of the future and the strategies deployed for managing remote teams and a distributed workforce.

Before we go into the dynamics of the discussion, let us answer the following in the back of our mind as we progress our way in to the detailing of the day’s post that incessantly calls for “The Future of Work”, more understandably the finite detailing of our work life in the time to come.

Some of these question with the manageability of remote work forces would primarily include scenarios like how do we manage people we can’t see, why remote as well as mobile working skills growing so rapidly, what are the challenges posed by the attire of “anywhere office”, and how to keep remote employees and work forces engaged.

Today technologically we are still in the dark ages of fundamental transformation in the way work is organized, managed and performed and how factors like “Work Anywhere” or “anywhere office” can reduce organizational cost by as much as 40%.

The prima modus operandi deployed today by global enterprises to devise a strategy to measure what “work” is based on the hierarchy of your organization, how “work” gets done, where “work” gets done and more specifically what “workers do”?

The games have changed and the rules have taken a new shape making virtual collaboration & remote anywhere office concept even bigger, faster as compared with the bygone era. Pressure to move fixed cost variables, the way relationship trumps ownership of resources and the economics of scale are no longer effective giving “anywhere office” a new leash of reality today.

To say the least, the concept of mobile workforce is growing rapidly today and the structure of employment is changing too. More and more task time and lesser social interaction. Less face-to-face time in conducting business deals and dynamics of new business allegiance are the propeller for the ride in to the future of virtuosity & virtual work life.

Employee engagement tactics deployed today by global enterprises as a fast catching trend and regarded as the critical ingredient for a long-term association that offers clarity of expectations and the rewords or perks for the engagement in their work life. Embed inspirational leadership with other sub ordinates at work and offer them the regular feedback that will drain their performances even better.

Team building exercises that are distributed for the core purpose of engaging team members with skills to lead & build a team of professionals by the book using the playbook of modern tactics like virtual face-to-face gatherings that drive the team engagement ratio with the same level of intensity and performances just like all the other previous physical meetings.

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