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The Future of Work Life: Part 2 – The Technology!

The Future of Work Life: Part 2 – The Technology!

The Future of Work Life: Part 2 – The Technology!

Audio Conferencing solutions are the mergers of new allies of business and openings of new markets for the global trade to boost momentum and drive higher efficiency.

With the pursuit of the ideal audio conference solutions checked, the movement is to comprehend key attributes in the retribution of features like application and desktop sharing between all end users attending a scheduled conference event.

Sharing itself is furthermore disintegrated in to various application sharing, desktop sharing, co browsing and region sharing. Region sharing in simple terms is the portion of an application or the desktop shared amongst the conference attendees by the conference leader without downloading any applications.

Enable multi-party feasibility to upload PowerPoint presentations dynamically from any system across the globe connected & shared for the scheduled conference event. Remote control unified collaboration tools to furthermore allow better controls and usability of these unique features that allows conference host or the conference leader to take controls of desktops or applications to continue forthwith the agenda of the discussion.

Configure unique conference PIN or pass-codes for meeting participants to enter the conference call at the predetermined hour for security reasons or offer the same conference participant PIN or pass-code to make things easier for regular conference users.

Exhibit intelligent voice recognition application to notify entry exit events for each conferee using name announcements and thus allow all in the meeting to be notified of activities for participants in the scheduled conference call.

Initiate a voice roster call for all video conference participants and lock-unlock the ongoing or scheduled conference call so that nobody could enter the conference without the knowledge of the conference leader and furthermore configure entry / exit toned notifications for security and control awareness reasons.

Conference solutions including all three variants audio, video and web benefits one too many with the facilitation of one-to-one interactions between remote global workforces, new business allies, customers & vendors, etc despite geographical limitations to physically attend such an elaborate expansion of ideas.

Inter-location meetings drawn to negate aspects of conducting effective conference sessions for the need of communication & discussions based on reports and factors, thus reducing travel, lodging and boarding cost for one too many.

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