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The Future of Work Life: Part 3 – The Tools!

The Future of Work Life: Part 3 – The Tools!

The Future of Work Life: Part 3 – The Tools!

The purview of audio conferencing in accord with integrated web & video conference technology unleashes the reign of total control over all your boardroom meetings, training events, creative campaign brainstorming, remote business negotiations with partners and business counterparts. The role of a virtual conceptualization and remote collaboration are not only essential but invaluable quintessential.

Record the proceedings of the conference session for all three aspects if in use including the audio conversation, visual interaction and the entire web conference session to record desktop sharing, online presentation & other web-based activities conducted during the roll out of a typical web event. Furthermore, indemnify the entire conversation during the audio conference session in to literary transcripts deploying conference transcription services by booking for the same in advance of the scheduled conference session.

The audio-video recordings, web presentation recordings and conference transcriptions could be archived into the organization website repository and have them available to a much larger audience. Record the conversation in to CD & DVD as well as advanced new age gadgetries podcast downloads, pod cast broadcast feeds, etc.

Meeting attendees who were unable to attend a previous conference event can now view these recorded extensions of the same conference preserved for the long run for greater purposes with online playback options just like another video at ease from the comfort of private spaces.

Interactive instantaneous Q & A sessions, polling sessions etc are furthermore organized by various vendors for who would wish the same live during their scheduled conference events. Polling sessions offers the meeting attendees to get involved even more intricately in the ongoing conference discussion, enabling participants to interact live with the conference presenter by pressing preset numbers as directed by the interactive voice response system. Publish the results of the poll instantly at the end of the conference event compiled by either the conference leader of the conference operator hired by the client from the conference vendor in addition to the regular conferencing services.

Expert conference operators can furthermore create & edit customized list of participants dedicated for key account holders within the organization and save a lot of time & effort for all future meetings without having to send the same information critical for the success of the conference event. T he details that we are referring here are like login ID’s, company information, conference leader details, conference start-end time, conference pass codes or PIN, modes of joining the scheduled conference ranging from Toll & Toll Free Dial In Conference access numbers to web based conference dial out, mobile conferencing, etc.

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