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New Age Telecom Tools for Seamless Communication

Unified telecommunication solutions is the merger of new business allies and the facilitator of on-demand rich interactive unified communications by the virtual merger of audio, web and video conference technology. The in-roads into the future of corporate profiling and small medium business based products and consultancy services has a new meaning of integrity by integrating … Continue reading

Expedient. Ease. Efficacious: Conferencing Technology

The fundamental aspects of audio conferencing solutions is to inhibit your business with an upgraded efficient and responsive technology usage to quickly and effectively be in touch with all your global counterparts without time constraints and cost associated with business travel. Rejuvenate the process of business conduct for your firm with faster meeting solutions that … Continue reading

4G Conference Technology (Part 4): The Impact

Impersonate constant updates from the roll out of advance 4G conferencing technology environment and propose resolves that would facilitate the launch of any product without the need for your sales team to be physically present out on the field. Indemnify 4G Internet conference technology from your mobile device as your web surrogate and deliver online … Continue reading

4G Conference Technology (Part 3): The Mobility

4G technology and the roll out of 3G communication possibilities to broadcast interactive video conferencing presence and telepresence exploration in the concrete wilderness of corporate communication, remote health care facilitation, telemedicine sessions for the marines, and more. Intrinsic possibilities of conferencing to run down cost, improve the team’s productivity hours, save on time & energy … Continue reading

4G Conference Technology (Part 2): The Concurrence

Top corporate conference technology users and masters of conference technology usage have already voiced consonance and concur the truth of 4G technology capabilities in the relay & overdrive of high speed mobile broadband enabled conference communications in their existing boardroom network & hardware arrangements. 4G technology has indeed enhanced and will pioneer seamless reliability in … Continue reading

4G Conference Technology (Part 1): The Arrival

Conference service providers and premier communication enablers are in motion for the broadcast of integrated telepresence & video conference solutions with the agreement of 4G technology and curbing the two as strong allies of remote dynamic corporate conversations, medical & research discussions, global marketing strategies, learning institutes, space agencies and many more infinite possibilities. 4G … Continue reading

The Future of Work Life: Part 3 – The Tools!

The purview of audio conferencing in accord with integrated web & video conference technology unleashes the reign of total control over all your boardroom meetings, training events, creative campaign brainstorming, remote business negotiations with partners and business counterparts. The role of a virtual conceptualization and remote collaboration are not only essential but invaluable quintessential. Record … Continue reading

The Future of Work Life: Part 2 – The Technology!

Audio Conferencing solutions are the mergers of new allies of business and openings of new markets for the global trade to boost momentum and drive higher efficiency. With the pursuit of the ideal audio conference solutions checked, the movement is to comprehend key attributes in the retribution of features like application and desktop sharing between … Continue reading

The Future of Work Life: Part 1 – Go Mobile!

With the advent of technology, consulting & outsourcing, where high performances are delivered with impeccable consistency, the motion to propel the way of the future and the strategies deployed for managing remote teams and a distributed workforce. Before we go into the dynamics of the discussion, let us answer the following in the back of … Continue reading

Conference Tools – Part 2

Being victorious in every aspects of our lives emulates the legend of pride, prudence and positivism. The winner inside us wants to break free from the shackles of traditional methodologies pursued by the “victorious lot” in reference here amalgamates the signs of omnipresent changes predating the hour of the moment in the execution of Time … Continue reading